Gift card - Terms of use

  1. Gift card can be used at webstore (now on webstore) and Pain OÜ offered services (Paintball and etc).
  2. Gift card can be used only with special code and can be used only once.
  3. Don't leave this code unattended so it becomes available to unwanted persons.
  4. Buying Gift card from webstore make sure that enter correct e-mail.
  5. Pain OÜ doesn't respond if code acquired by unwanted persons (also by not correctly entered e-mail or by forwarded e-mails).
  6. Gift card is valid until end of "Valid until" date. If date is passed Pain OÜ doesn't refund gift card.
  7. You cannot change gift card for money. Pain OÜ doesn't buy gift cards back or change.
  8. If sum of goods/services is less than gift card amount then there is no refund.
  9. If total sum is bigger than gift card value then you have to pay difference by approved payment methods.
  10. It is not possible to pay for gift card with installments
  11. Buying gift card from webstore you have right to return gift card within 14 days after you received it. If code is used then there is no refund.
  12. Gift card terms of use may be changed by Pain OÜ with 14 days notice at
  13. For any questions contact us +372 533 25 022