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Czech field jacket 95 cz camo


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49-50% cotton, 50-51% polyester 


GR1.  Length 77cm, chest circumference 112cm, sleeve from shoulder 65cm

GR4.  Length 73cm, chest circumference 112cm, sleeve from shoulder 61cm  

GR5.  Length 79cm, chest circumference 112cm, sleeve from shoulder 66cm  

GR6.  Length 75cm, chest circumference 118cm, sleeve from shoulder 63cm 

GR7.  Length 75cm, chest circumference 105cm, sleeve from shoulder 61cm  

GR11.  Length 78cm, chest circumference 118cm, sleeve from shoulder 65cm 

GR12.  Length 82cm, chest circumference 118cm, sleeve from shoulder 69cm 

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