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GB shirt, DPM desert


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  1. 170/88 Chest circumference 108cm, length 74cm, sleeve from shoulder 58cm
  2. 170/96 Chest circumference 114cm, length 74cm, sleeve from shoulder 58cm
  3. 170/104 Chest circumference 124cm, length 74cm, sleeve from shoulder 58cm
  4. 180/96 Chest circumference 116cm, length 80cm, sleeve from shoulder 64cm
  5. 180/104 Chest circumference 128cm, length 77cm, sleeve from shoulder 64cm
  6. 190/96 Chest circumference 108cm, length 75cm, sleeve from shoulder 64cm
  7. 190/104 Chest circumference 120cm, length 81cm, sleeve from shoulder 66cm
  8. 190/112 Chest circumference 128cm, length 83cm, sleeve from shoulder 68cm

NB! Condition may vary, There can be repairs. Some jackets have insignia

with practical penholder in the interior, buttoned storm flap and front zip , adjustable buttoned cuffs, butonned rank tab, all buttons are sewed with cloth band, material: 100% cotton

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