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J.G Works replica G36C 608, must

J.G. Works

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  • Kaal: 2630g
  • Pikkus 720mm
  • Aku tüüp: NiMh (komplektis)
  • Aku mahutavus: 1100mAh
  • Laskekiirus 360 fps (reguleeritav)
  • Salve mahutavus: 470 kuuli
  • Materjal: Alumiinium, ABS
  • Laskevõimalused: üksiklask, auto
  • Tootja: WORKS J.G

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Tarneaeg kuni 15 tööpäeva

124,90 €

-20,00 €

144,90 €

Rohkem infot

Tähelepanu! Relval võimalik reguleerida laskekiirust 360-380fps (vaata pilti). Kuuskant võti ei ole komplektis.

* 608 replica relval on 12 kuuline tehasegarantii
* salv 470 BB`s
* NiMH 8,4V 1100 mAh aku
* akulaadija

Kõik relvad on enne paki teele saatmist kontrollitud (XCORTECH X3200 radariga).

Alla 18. eluaasta ei müü!

Weight:2630 g
Magazine model:ABS
Bearings type:steel sliding
Gearbox version:9 mm
Bearings diameter:7 mm
Magazine model:3-9
Accumulator type:NiMH
Muzzle velocity:360 fps
Accumulator type:cube
Accumulator connector type:small Tamiya
Accumulator cells type:mini
Accumulator included in set:YES
Diameter of Internal barrel:6,08 mm
Magazine capacity:470 BBs
Accumulator capacitance:1100 mAh
Material:aluminum, ABS
Length:720 mm
Accumulator voltage:8,4 V
Muzzle energy:1,2 J
Length of internal barrel:250 mm
Fire mode:auto, single
Ammo:.23g, .20g

Very well made replica of G36C by [WORKS J.G.]. It is replica of compact assault rifle that is commonly known in the world. Original firearm is used by special forces like: SAS, GROM, Bundeswehr, GOE, Spanish Air Force and many more. It also popular in the airsoft sport environment because of relation between price and realization. The body is made from high quality ABS that is very durable and looks almost as polymer that is used in real firearm production. All replica parts are fit very well. Replica like original is equipped in both sided accessories and it can be used by left and right handed Operators:
* two sided selector lever
* two sided magazine latch
* two sided charging handle

Replica have long picatinny rail on top and all tactical accessories mounted on 22 mm rail can be mounted on it. There is possibility to mount two extra rails on both sides of front grip. There is almost 14 mm counterclockwise thread under flash hider and some silencers won t fit very well without modification.

NOTE! In replica, you can regulate muzzle velocity between 360-380fps (See photo). Hex key not included.

Set included:
* 608 replica covered by 12 month warranty
* magazine for 470 BB`s
* NiMH 8,4V 1100 mAh battery
* battery charger

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