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Specna Arms SA-B01 carbine replica, must

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  • Kaal: 2580g
  • Hop-up: Jah, reguleeritav
  • Aku: Ei ole komplektis
  • Tüüp: M4/M16
  • Laskekiirus 410/310 fps (125/95m/s)
  • Salve mahutavus: 300 kuuli
  • Materjal: Alumiinium, ABS, teras
  • Modifitseeritud V2 gearbox
  • Laskevõimalused: üksiklask, auto
  • Pikkus: 800-880mm
  • Tootja: Specna Arms
  • Garantii 12 kuud

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Specna Arms SA-B01 carbine replica

Relval on kasutusel kiire põhivedru vahetussüsteem ehk Enter & Convert™. See võimaldab kiire ja mugava ligipääsu relva jõu muutmiseks vastavalt väljaku või mängukorraldaja tingimustele. Ilma, et peaks minema töökotta, kus vajalikud spetsiaalsed tööriistad. Kui käigukast (gearbox) on relvast väljas, käib vedru vahetus sekunditega.

Relv on valmistatud toimima nii LiPo kui ka LiFe tüüpi akudega. Tänu põhilisele laskekiirusele ca 410FPS (ca 125m/s), mis on garanteeritud põhivedruga, saab relva edukalt kasutada keskmistel distantsidel. Komplektis on ka kaasas M90 põhivedru, mis lubab laskekiirust vähendada ca 310FPS-ni (ca 95m/s-ni) ehk kasutamiseks näiteks siseruumides.

Relv on varustatud peal 22mm RIS relsiga ja 22mm RIS relsside komplektiga esiosas ja reguleeritava kabaga. Pealmisel relsil on olemas sihikud (flip up), mida saab vajadusel kergelt eemaldada ja asendada optiliste või elektrooniliste sihikutega või seadmetega. Tänu reguleeritavale kabale on võimalik relva pikkust reguleerida vastavalt kasutajale.

Relval võimalik kasutada järgmiste tootjate salvesid:

 - BOYI,
 - Airsoft Systems,
 - SRC,
 - King Arms,
 - MAG, 
 - STAR,
 - ACM.

Komplekt sisaldab:

- relva (replica),
- salve (hiCap, 300 kuuli mahutav),
- metallist sihikuid,
- lisa põhivedru,

NB! Komplekt ei sisalda akut ega laadijat!

The Specna Arms brand SA-B01 carbine replica made predominantly of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum with the use of steel elements in the most neuralgic points of the replica ( the screws, the pins and the tactical sling attachment points are made of steel ). The SF type stock which holds the battery and the pistol grip were made of polymer plastic. The replica’s body, the RIS rail set were a subject to the process of anodizing what guaranties a high level of protecting the replica against corrosion. The paintjob of the replica itself was made using the pulverization method after a previous sandblasting of the replica’s surface. This ensures the paint’s higher, than usually, durability against abrasion. The replica’s body beads the USMC markings.

The replica was fitted very well – in a way that it was previously observable only in the G&P or Classic Army class replicas. It was also perfectly balanced. This ensures a perfect maneuverability of the replica while as its weight is almost not felt when you place the replica on the shoulder.

The replica uses a quick main spring exchange system, the so-called Enter & Convert™. This allows for a quick and fluent adaptation of the replica’s power to the conditions of the battlefield without the need of having access to a workshop or a number of specialist tools – when you take the gearbox out the replica’s body, the process of exchanging the main spring takes literally seconds.

The advantages of the Enter & Convert™ system are hard to overestimate. In the light of the laws existing in Europe and which limit the muzzle velocity of the replica and the establishments inside the airsoft society, this system guaranties the user great possibilities and more liberty. The Enter & Convert™ system allows to change the main spring in little amount of time, and, what is followed by this, adapted the muzzle velocity of the replica to the battlefield so it guaranties a perfect compromise between effectiveness of firing and the safety of your own and other players.

The replica was fully adapted to cooperate with LiPo and LiFe type batteries. Thanks to the basic muzzle velocity of about 410 FPS which is guaranteed by the default main spring, the replica is perfect to be used in middle distances. The set also includes an M90 main spring which allows to decrease the muzzle velocity to about 310 FPS making the replica perfectly adapted for short range operations or fighting inside buildings.

The gearbox which is reinforced on the height of the cylinder’s head hides a steel main spring guide which is the element of the Enter & Convert™ system and also 8mm ball bearings and steel thread-wheels which are placed on spacers. The system is secured with the use of four anti-reversals. There is a type 2 cylinder and the steel breaker and a metal hop-up chamber applied in this replica.

Uuendatud Specna mudel sisaldab järgmisi täiendusi:

- set of reinforced, steel gears
- steel spring guide
- lightweight, polymer piston
- aluminum, air sealed piston head
- metal cylinder head
- air sealed, metal nozzle

In order to increase the realism level, the replica was equipped with a functional bolt catch lever.

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