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G&G Tracer 0,25g BB kuulid - 2400tk Vaata suuremalt

G&G Tracer 0,25g BB kuulid - 2400tk

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G&G Arnaments

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Hoiatus: Viimased tooted laos

22,90 €

  • 0,25g

Rohkem infot

6mm kuulid.

Värvus roosa (helendav punane)

5.95mm +/-0.01mm

Kogus: 2400tk +/- 0,5%

High quality G&G BBs ideal for any kind of barrel, including precision ones.  Their smooth, polished surface provides perfect cooperation with Hop-Up systems. Ideal weight balance achieved due to special post-production process guarantees high repeatability of consecutive shots.

Tracer BBs ammunition type features luminescent qualities caused by prior exposure to light or UV radiation. This makes them ideal for night time games, perfectly imitating tracer ammunition. It makes easier to adjust fire and may increase accuracy. 

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