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The Hill Mk4 käsipump, kuni 4500psi


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  • Käsipump Briti tootjalt Hill
  • 3-astmeline pump
  • Kuni 310 BAR/4500 PSI
  • Gen 4 vajab vähem energiat kui eelkäija Gen 3
  • Hoolduseks võimalik osandada 5 minutiga
  • Dry-Pac süsteem eemaldab 90% kahjulikust niiskusest
  • Sisaldab Dry-Pac süsteemi
  • Toodetud ja käsitsi koostatud Inglismaal
  • Kõik pumbad enne pakkimist ja transporti testitud.

Want the best pump made today? Then there's only one choice: Hill.

According to airgun writer Tom Gaylord, Hill hand pumps are the cream of the crop. They don't break down, they're easy to maintain, they're easy to field-strip and reassemble, and they're reliable. How reliable, you ask? Tom says his Hill pump is still the only one that continues to work -- and he's tested a lot of hand pumps.

The Mk4 version of the pump is super-efficient, because it extracts the maximum amount of air from each stroke. That means you don't have to pump as much. If you just want a pump that works and gives you more value than what you paid, Hill is the only option.

Included in this kit is the tried and true Dry-Pac system that removes up to 90% of the moisture in the air that the pump is taking in. Also included is a female quick disconnect fitting that threads right onto the end of the hose. No more threading on fill probes or needing to purchase an extra fitting, this kit is ready to go!

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