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Multitööriist Ganzo G103, must


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G103 Multitööriist, must

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Multitool G103 fully justifies the title of "pocket workroom". Weighing 248 grams and with length only 10.5 cm, it has 22 different functions. This tool will help you to eliminate the bike fault, camping equipment, hunting and fishing equipment. And at home it will come in handy more than once. One of the main advantages of this multitool - the presence of high-grade pliers with powerful spring-loaded jaws, built-in wire cutter and ribbed grip for round-shape objects.

In addition, inside the handles of multitool are placed: bottle opener, flat and cross screwdrivers, awl (it can also be used as a small knife), ruler on the back side of which we can find a file, two blades (smooth and serrated sharpening). There is also a bit holder, bits are enclosed in a separate organizer: 8 nozzles and adapter.

Although multitul is made of stainless steel, it has a black coating which acts as a barrier to corrosion. In addition, thanks to this cover, multitool is matte and looks very stylish.

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