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Multitööriist Ganzo G204, must



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G204 Multitööriist, must

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Ganzo G204 is a full-size tool that will be useful for any active person. It can help you to cope with any tasks at home or during a trip etc. In particular, it will help eliminate different breakdowns while you're fishing, hunting or camping. Ganzo G204 - full-size model and able to cope with high loads. Total number of instruments in G204 model - 24 positions. All of them are made of good quality steel - 440C.

This stainless steel has 57HRC hardness, which does not need special care. Handles of multitool are also metallic, but they are black, so G204 has particularly stylish design. Weight of this model is 253 grams.


  • 24 tools;
  • material of multitool - 440C stainless steel;
  • full-size format;
  • weight - 253 grams;
  • special case.

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