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Mechanix Original kindad, MultiCam Vaata suuremalt

Mechanix Original kindad, MultiCam


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Despite its imitators, The Original® glove remains in a category all its own. Tried, tested and proven for over 20 years, it provides the perfect blend of flexibility and protection. The Original’s durable synthetic leather palm and breathable TrekDry® back-of-hand combine to create the ultimate tool for hardworking hands. A new tapered Thermoplastic Rubber closure and increasingly stronger hook and loop provide a secure fit to the wrist. With a gamut of practical uses, it’s no surprise that The Original®is the most recognized and most frequently worn work glove by anyone with a toolbox. Imported


  1. TrekDry® hingav ja käele mugav materjal
  2. Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) randmekinnitus tagab kindla käes püsivuse.
  3. Topeltõmblusega nimetisõrme osa suurendab vastupidavust.
  4. Õmblusteta sünteetilisest nahast peopesa osa pakub optimaalset tundlikust.
  5. Masinpestav.

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