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Mechanix Winter Impact kindad


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When the cold front moves in, reach for a pair of Winter Impact gloves to beat the elements. Comfortable micro-fleece lines the entire glove and C40 3M Thinsulatetraps warm air to help regulate your body temperature in the bitter cold. The Winter Impact’s rugged nylon outer features EVA foam knuckle padding to protect the back of your hand from unexpected impact and abrasions during cold weather work. Stay connected to your touchscreen devices, without removing your gloves, with AXDouble Connect on your index finger and thumb. The palm features rugged Armortex® reinforcement, making the Winter Impact an essential cold weather tool.


  1. Akordioni stiilis nukikaitse koos EVA vahust pehmendusega ulatub kuni nimeti ja keskmise sõrmeni.
  2. C40 3M™ Thinsulate™ hoiab sooja, et reguleerida hästi keha temperatuuri
  3. Kaitsev veekindel nailon osa käe pealsel.
  4. AX™ Double Connect nimetisõrme ja pöidlaosa toimib ka puuteekraanide juhtimiseks
  5. Armortex® peopesa ja pöidla tugevdus kaitseb kulumise eest.
  6. Masinpestav.  

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