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Mechanix FastFit Insulated kindad, must Vaata suuremalt

Mechanix FastFit Insulated kindad, must


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Warm-up the truck, de-ice the windows and reach for a pair of FastFit® Insulated gloves for a cold day’s work. A comfortable layer of fleece lines the entire glove and insulates your hands from the brisk, cold air. The FastFit® Insulated glove is light enough to stash in your coat pocket and easy to pull on with its Neoprene elastic cuff. Our SoftShell water-resistant stretch fabric keeps the back of your hands dry and prevents the wind from sneaking-in during cold weather work. The two-piece palm is fleece-lined and features our durable synthetic leather so you can tackle a multitude of jobs. Stay connected to your touchscreen devices, without removing your gloves, with TouchTec® touchscreen capable technology on your thumb and index finger.      


  1. Mugav kiht 230g fliisvoodrit vooderdab kinnast.
  2. SoftShell™ vee- ja tuulekindel veniv materjal.
  3. Elastiline neopreenist randmekinnitus hoiab kinnast paigal.
  4. Nailon nukiosa kate vähendab kulumist.
  5. TouchTec® nimetisõrme ja pöidlaosa toimib ka puuteekraanide juhtimiseks
  6. Tugevdatud pöidlaosa lisab vastupidavust.
  7. Fliisvoodriga sünteetilisest nahast peopesa osa vähendab kulumist.
  8. Masinpestav.

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